Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Little things make me happy. Yummy smelling candles, blingy jeans, Sonic ice, my kids putting their dishes in the sink. Really it's the simple things... and I do love me some easy to do crafts. So I thought I would put up a tutorial for those who want to make their own tassels so you could see they are really pretty stinkin' easy to make.

First, you need an ornament with a flat base. Really... it doesn't even have to be an ornament. It could be a small snow globe, a cute knob, just as long as it's flat on the bottom. So for this tutorial, I went to Target to find this super cute Santa that my friend Julianne used for her tassel.

and you need one of these little wood things... they are called candle cups, although really I've never seen these used for candles.

You glue the candle cup to the bottom of your ornament.

Next you find fun ribbon that coordinates with your ornament. If you're like me, you have lots and lots and lots of ribbon (don't tell my husband). So find yourself some cute ribbon and start making loops. I can't really give you a length since really it depends on your personal preference how puffy you want them.

Then you start hot gluing them to the candle cup in rows starting from the bottom and working your way toward the ornament.

Then you just continue to layer the ribbons until you make it to the top of the candle cup.

Once you're done with that, then you add some kind of trim or a fun boa to cover up the ends of the ribbon... and it makes it super fun too. You can also add some to the inside of the candle cup just to finish it off. You could also add cut ribbon or fringe to the bottom to lengthen it.

And voila! You're done and you have a fun, cute and unique tassel. These would make cute gifts don't you think??

Make sure you send me photos of what you create. I'd love to see them!

I'm also linked to this party...
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love crafting with friends... it just makes it so much more fun. And oh, the conversations we have... WOW!! Laughs, crafts, and a few glue gun burns later we have some "SUPER FUN" Christmas crafts to show off.

First the tassels...

And then a super cute sign and glass block...

We are definitely feeling festive and crafty today. Still have a couple of other little crafts we are working on. I'll be posting those tomorrow. So make sure you check back!!


Friday, November 19, 2010


I have a confession to make. I get bored really easily. I don't mean with people or anything like that, but rather with what I'm doing and with the decor in my house. It must be the ADD... I tend to blame a lot on ADD. So like I said, I get bored and my hubby knows when it's happening. I apparently get this look in my eyes. Well, actually it's more like my eyes start looking at things in a way that says, "hmmm, how hard will it be to change things around?" This means trouble for my hubby cause he knows he will somehow be involved. Well, I left him out of this one.

Case in point... my dining room chairs. I really love my dining room, and I guess at some point in the past I really loved the chairs as well, but that time is long, long gone. The good thing is that it is actually super easy to recover dining chairs. By simply changing the fabric you can change the feel of a room. Take a look.

So here was my dining room chair.

It was fine, but I just wasn't loving the fabric on the seat anymore. A little dated, and way too light when you have kids. There are so many things that I would have purchased differently had I known how messy kids are. That really should be written in all the books. It may have been, but somehow I missed it.

So I found a fun fabric and recovered the chairs ( which took me way longer than it should have but at least it's done ) and this hides the stains so much better... not that there are stains on them or anything.
and tada...

Sooo much better, and I'm not so paranoid about eating in my dining room anymore.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


You know sometimes there are fun products that you see and you think they would be fun to use, but then you kind of outgrow them and they just sit gathering dust. I have several of these (ssshh don't tell). A couple of years ago I got a Cricut machine... that would be back when I was BIG into scrapbooking (note to self... get some scrapbooking done!) I have to admit, I have used it more for my kids school projects than I have for my scrap books. They've had some super cute projects! I think this is the best, best product I've ever purchased. Lately I've been using it to organize. Organize? Yes organize.

I found these fun bottles at IKEA for my oils and vinegars. Super cheap... like $3. But I wanted them to look pretty, and whenever anyone else was cooking in my kitchen, they didn't know what was what. So I labeled them using my Cricut vinyl, and voila, instant cuteness.

Then I did the same thing to some simple oil and vinegar jars I have next to my stove...

Then I moved on to my storage containers in the pantry.

And finally some glass soap containers I found at Target for the kitchen.

Can you tell I've gone a little label crazy?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As much as I wish I was better at blogging I'm just not lately. I think about what I will post and I get started and then am easily distracted. I seriously think I need ADD meds or something. I just have so much trouble getting things accomplished sometimes and it is soooo frustrating. I have gotten some things done over the past few months... some little and some big. Some for me, and some for others...

My friend Alexa bought a beeeaaauuutiful house a few months ago and asked me to help her with the decorating and drapes. It is an ongoing process but here are some drapes I made for her.

These are the drapes for her living room. Beautiful fabric.

These are in her dining room. These medalions were found at HobLob for like $2.50 on sale. They are fabulous!

Then here and there I've done a few things at my house. Nothing too major.

Some fun and inexpensive candle bling...

And finally, after seeing this post on Shanty2Chic, I had to try it out. A set of 3 canisters for about $17. Super fun and different.

I love them. They are so fun, and since the lids are screw tops, the food inside doesn't get stale.

So now that I am back to blogging I am thinking of all these other things that I want to post about. Hmmm... what to post next???


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