Friday, November 19, 2010


I have a confession to make. I get bored really easily. I don't mean with people or anything like that, but rather with what I'm doing and with the decor in my house. It must be the ADD... I tend to blame a lot on ADD. So like I said, I get bored and my hubby knows when it's happening. I apparently get this look in my eyes. Well, actually it's more like my eyes start looking at things in a way that says, "hmmm, how hard will it be to change things around?" This means trouble for my hubby cause he knows he will somehow be involved. Well, I left him out of this one.

Case in point... my dining room chairs. I really love my dining room, and I guess at some point in the past I really loved the chairs as well, but that time is long, long gone. The good thing is that it is actually super easy to recover dining chairs. By simply changing the fabric you can change the feel of a room. Take a look.

So here was my dining room chair.

It was fine, but I just wasn't loving the fabric on the seat anymore. A little dated, and way too light when you have kids. There are so many things that I would have purchased differently had I known how messy kids are. That really should be written in all the books. It may have been, but somehow I missed it.

So I found a fun fabric and recovered the chairs ( which took me way longer than it should have but at least it's done ) and this hides the stains so much better... not that there are stains on them or anything.
and tada...

Sooo much better, and I'm not so paranoid about eating in my dining room anymore.


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