Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have been so super busy the past month and really just haven't been all that crafty. Subbing for a first grade class will do that to you. So when you get that sudden "craft itch"... well, you've gotta scratch it. (Does that sound inappropriate... oh well)

So earlier this week, I noticed that my house just wasn't feeling so festive. I mean Vday is just around the corner for God sakes, and I didn't have a heart in sight. February is my birthday month, and I want to be surrounded by fun and beauty I tell you. (I've been reading a lot of Junie B. Jones this month, so "I tell you" has suddenly become part of my vocabulary. Go figure I would actually pick up something.) Well in an attempt to add some love to my house, I set out to make something with what I had on hand. The thought of going to Hobby Lobby at the end of the day with two very tired little ones, dinner to make and papers to grade was just honestly too much for me to attempt. So I searched and moved, and emptied and, well just basically made a huge mess of my craft room. But in the end I found what I needed and what I thought would work. I can honestly say, I am super proud of what came from the mess of a craft room. Who knew that MDF, scrapbook paper, modge podge and furniture tacks could look so cute?

Hmmm, well now I'm thinking there must be something else in that huge stash of stuff I can use to spread even more love. So guess what I'm doing today??

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